With social distancing and restrictions on traveling, it has become tough to spontaneously buy a travel ticket or hop in the car to go celebrate with a loved one. The thrill that comes with celebrating physically with a loved one was almost killed. It almost became the thing to send a text or call.


Thankfully, there is Tribute.


We may not be able to travel down or give a warm hug to a loved one far away, but we can send them a heartfelt video message.


Tribute provides that opportunity to be in the moment with our loved ones without being physically there. On any occasion, Tribute allows you to send a warm message to the celebrant in a clean and commemorative way.

Tribute provides four major options to users.


  1. With the basic feature, you shoot the video and use their easy-to-use video editing software to bring your tribute together.
  2. The concierge feature takes all the hard work from you. Their team of professionals will work with you to coordinate everything you need, including editing the final video.
  3. You can also get the Pro feature where they give your video a broadcast production value. You can also get a videographer in person to shoot the videos.
  4. And you can also get the Tribute Booth where you get to capture high-res video testimonials at your next party, wedding, or conference. Each booth gets a professionally edited highlight reel.


And as a way of keeping the memories with you, you can also get a bamboo USB or a video card. All is to ensure that nothing stops you from giving that heartfelt message to a loved one or getting these messages yourself.


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