Spartacus: Data Privacy Simplified

Spartacus is an online platform that protects users from identity theft. Founded by internet mogul Seth Goldstein, Spartacus aims at giving back control to the real owners of identities.


Its service offerings focus on three major aspects:

  • Giving a free digital risk score analysis
  • Providing a credit monitoring feature and
  • Giving the ability to remove personal information from 3rd party data brokers to minimize consumers’ ‘attack surface.’

The company targets data brokerage – a $200 billion industry. This industry sells identity data at a price. Many don’t know that these companies exist and have fallen victim to them without knowing.


On Spartacus’  homepage, there is a form for you to enter your email address to get a free privacy assessment. Once you enter your email, the software checks if the information associated with the email you’ve provided is exposed.


A good deal of information such as credit cards, bank statements, health history, entertainment platform accounts is tied to email accounts. Once it is exposed, it can put the owner at risk. This is what Spartacus exists to fight against.


After scanning your data to assess your online privacy risk, Spartacus automates the continuous removal of your personal data from over 100 third party data broker websites and notifies you along the way.


In the bid to protect you, Spartacus continuously monitors your identity, passwords, and can cover you up to $1 million if identity theft occurs.


If you get suspicious logins into any of your accounts, Spartacus will reveal which passwords have been exposed and will guide you on how to secure your data.


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