Simplipress Coffee

Dedicated to rich and gourmet coffee, Simpli Press focuses its product offerings on the best tasting coffee, the highest quality materials, and the most enjoyable ritual, from brewing to clean-up.


Its coffee press is very easy to use and affordable. Made of highly durable materials such as stainless steel, silicon, and borosilicate glass, the press gives more value than the price.


The press offered by Simpli Press is a much better version of the French coffee press. It is designed to bring out more flavors in your coffee in less time. And as a much-needed advantage, it comes with an easier cleanup.

According to the company, the idea for the product came out of the need to get French press coffee as soon as possible without having a mess when done. The search for a solution led to the Simpli Press.


With this beautifully designed press, you can get the richness of espresso, the smoothness of a pour-over, and the full-body of a French press from one device without a messy cleanup.


To make it easy to clean up, it comes with a smart filter you can easily put in and pull out.


This product, no doubt, has helped people brew more of their own coffee and enjoy it the way they like.


With global warming and the need for sustainable production, Simpli Press makes a commitment to making the world greener by not featuring plastic components. Ordinarily, coffee cups are mostly plastic, but Simpli Press has chosen to go the extraordinary way.


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