Pineapple Products (Gotham Offers)

Affiliate marketers face a lot of challenges. From low-converting offers to terribly low commissions, they also have to put in a lot of work to see considerable conversion rates.


Many other times, the internet becomes saturated with a product and it tends to look spammy and suspicious. This is besides the high competition.


These and many other issues have led to the creation of an affiliate network by affiliate marketers who understand the market. Thus, the creation of was created to provide affiliate offers and cut out the middle man. Affiliates get to directly interact with the marketer. As an affiliate, this provides you insider knowledge, tips about traffic sources, copywriting, and marketing so your campaigns make ROI fast and you don’t lose money unnecessarily


Ordinarily, when marketers drop their offers on affiliate networks, they only leave a support line or an email and still pay little in commissions. The situation is different with


Because the middle man has been taken away from the equation, the payout is bigger and the affiliate can run bigger campaigns. Normally, networks take platform fees. With Gotham Offers, the affiliate gets the network’s cut.


Because the offers are exclusive, you don’t see the products you are promoting on every corner of the internet. This reduces the competition and you don’t look spammy or suspicious.


This platform offers custom landing pages and copywriting services to high volume affiliates. only has offers for markets in the English-speaking geos. It offers a referral program where you get 10% of the revenue of the person you referred to the network.


To get expedited acceptance into the network, be sure to mention “Ricky Ahuja” in the affiliate application.

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