When in 2009 a court decision made the production and sale of over-the-counter hearing devices legal, Otofonix was the first to release a high-quality, yet affordable, over-the-counter personal sound amplifier.


Since then, the company has gotten highly positive reviews as it is constantly developing its offerings to provide clarity, ease, and affordability to its customers.


Otofonix was founded by two medical experts in North Carolina.

To ensure that each device plus assembly meets world-class standards, the components of their hearing aids are developed in the United States and Europe and assembled in China. This has helped the company deliver on both quality and affordability.


Traditionally, hearing aids are expensive, and they were largely manageable. The average cost for one used to be within $1000 to $4000. It could even go as high as $7000.


However, you can get an Otofonix hearing aid – pair – for less than $400.


Otofonix hearing aids come with some technologically advanced features such as noise-canceling, feedback suppression, and background noise reduction.


Otofonix hearing aids are made with attention to beauty. They are not huge or dominant. They are stylish and can be barely noticeable.


The company provides customer support via its website and over the phone. It has a great return policy in which you can return the product within 45 days should you have any issue with it.


Otofonix has built a great reputation over the years, and their products speak for themselves. They brought expertise, quality research and development, and fast and affordable manufacturing into their hearing devices.


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