Maxweb is a leading affiliate network that focuses on health & fitness, digital software, weight loss, and anti-aging offers.


The network is performance-based and it specializes in maximizing results for both affiliates and advertisers.


Maxweb has been around for over 14 years and it features both exclusive and non-exclusive offers, under Revshare, CPA, CPL, and JV models.

Many affiliates turn to Maxweb because of its weekly payouts. It also offers payment 3 times a week for high volume affiliates. This incentivizes them to push harder and earn weekly. This payment feature is uncommon and it gives Maxweb a unique selling point to affiliate and publishers.


Maxweb supports its affiliate partners by providing email swipes and banners to help in the promotion of affiliate products. This takes the stress and expense of writing or hiring copywriters to provide advertising materials for the products.


Many of the products on the Maxweb market are exclusive to the network. This is because marketers have seen it is highly profitable to do business with an affiliate network that makes sales happen in almost no time.


Maxweb has a strong community that overwhelmingly helps a new affiliate grow. It has a dedicated customer service team that is always willing to help.


To build a strong community, once an affiliate joins the network, they are added to the dedicated Skype group where they can find account managers and an in-house team of engineers always ready to help.


Maxweb also provides great reporting tools to track all visits and conversion rates. Sales are also tracked in real-time.



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