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Getting the purest, most fragrant essential oils, and the finest skincare products can be tough. Our society is fast-developing and every day, we are losing touch with the healing powers of nature.


But not anymore.


Kalpana NYC provides the purest and most fragrant essential oils for your skincare needs. They sell an array of essential oils from Chakra oils to CBD oils. Beard oils, aloe vera extracts, essential oils, hemp tea, and other botanical extracts are readily available via their website.

Kalpana is passionate about essential oils and their ability to enhance and uplift lives. They believe strongly in aromatherapy as it can provide the lost touch with nature that modernization is eroding.


Through its blog, Kalpana informs the world about the therapeutic effects of these natural products. You can learn a lot about plant oils and extracts from several articles that tell you what you want to know.


The company delivers all over the world. People in the United States get free shipping on orders over $50. And as a way of appreciating the first-time patronage, there is a 30% discount for new customers.


Kalpana also offers gift boxes. You can gift a loved one some natural products that can enhance their lives and well-being. And these gift boxes are quite affordable. With Kalpana’s shipping, you can send the gift to them anywhere in the world.


Kalpana was founded by a person who grew up learning and using plant extracts in India. It has been a lifelong process for her. In return, she offers this expertise in educating and enhancing lives with plant extracts.


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