Selling digital products can be tough. It’s not really about where to place the products, but how to get sales. A lot of authors publish ebooks and do video courses, but they don’t get buyers. This is not because their product is bad or defective.


On the contrary, it is because there is no one to market the product. The problem of marketing has sent many great digital products to total obscurity.


But not anymore. Digistore24 is an affiliate network where digital products are sold for a commission by affiliates. This means that creators of digital products can focus on creating products while affiliates are concerned with making sales.

Digistore24 brings the goal of everyone together.


Digistore24 is Europe’s largest affiliate network and it is rapidly expanding into the United States. It provides marketers with international exposure to sell their products.


Affiliates on this platform make as much as 70% in affiliate commission.


With its automation service, it takes care of your sales, invoices, affiliate and partnership accounting, integration with payment services, memberships, and lots more.


The service also ensures seamless integration with popular services like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Zapier, and many more.


The company stands by its highly efficient system. It offers simple and secure payment options to buyers.


Its network fees are small compared to what sellers normally get. The platform charges 1 euro + 7.9% of the cost price of the product. Compared to platforms like Amazon where you pay 35% or 70% to sell ebooks, this comes as a much better option.


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